Energy is inescapable. From the cars we drive to the food we eat, modern society relies on a cheap and plentiful supply of energy. For the last 100 years or so that has come primarily in the form of oil and other fossil fuels. Now a variety of new technologies is coming to the fore, just as climate change and other concerns are forcing us to move away from those traditional sources.

Energy Explained vol. 1, Conventional Energy
The implications of an energy-constrained world are as sobering as they are expansive, but to make the decisions that will guide our energy future we must first understand what it is we’re talking about. Unfortunately, even the most thoughtful, well-educated Americans lack a working knowledge of energy basics. For the average person seeking to learn more about energy, the vast resources of the internet can seem daunting while the sound bites served up on television offer little substance.
Energy Explained vol. 2, Alternative Energy
For that reason, it is our mission to build what we call “energy literacy” by presenting this complex subject in a more manageable form. It is our hope that Energy Explained will provide the non-technical reader with a greater understanding of energy issues so that they may better participate in the tremendous challenges that face us all.

Vikram Janardhan and Bob Fesmire