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Energy Explained, the 2-volume set from Rowman & Littlefield, is the first comprehensive survey of the energy world written specifically for the lay reader.  It offers a straightforward guide to the bewildering mix of technology, politics and natural resources that is the energy industry, and provides even a casual reader with a valuable resource to inform their understanding of related issues like climate change, national security and the economy.

Energy Explained volume 2 cover detailAudience

Energy Explained is intended for a broad, mainly adult audience. A high school education will be more than adequate to understand the material presented in the book. It will be especially useful for new entrants to the energy industry, policymakers at all levels of government, and anyone who wants to gain a working knowledge of the energy world.

Content & Style

Energy Explained is written in a logical yet engaging style with an emphasis on demystifying energy concepts and terms.  The main narrative is supplemented with sidebars and special features designed to enliven the discussion through historical anecdotes and examples from day-to-day life.

Readers will learn why oil is so hard to find, why solar power is still so expensive and why nuclear power is undergoing a renaissance. The book will also cover major energy policy issues like government subsidies and the implications of regulating CO2 emissions.

Energy Explained does not shy away from controversial topics, but allows the reader to come to their own conclusions.

Download cutsheet for Energy Explained volumes 1 & 2 [PDF 159K]