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Vikram Janardhan and Bob Fesmire reveal that they are “on a mission for energy literacy” in the opening to their two-volume energy explained books, and I hope they complete that mission. What they don’t completely reveal is just how fun the journey will really be (though there are a few hints). This is NOVA narrated by Jon Stewart, Nature reinterpreted by Stephen Colbert. As witty as it is informative, I honestly wish that I’d had these books around when I began in this industry a decade ago and didn’t know a watt from a whatchamacallit.”

Kathleen Davis
Senior Editor, POWERGRID International

Energy Explained volume 1 cover detail

The purpose of this book can be found in the preface’s title: A Call for Energy Literacy…. Vikram Janardhan and Bob Fesmire are optimists. Their method… is to take a weighty subject and make it an easy read.

Robert Schaefer
New York Journal of Books

The Authors Speak

Bob appears on “Radio in Vivo,” a weekly science issues program on WCOM, Chapel Hill (NC).